custom plant-based facials with
acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, craniosacral work, lymph drainage, reiki, and herbal medicine

What is Holistic Aesthetics?

Holistic aesthetics recognizes that all systems of the body are interconnected. Our skin is not an entity that’s separate from the rest of us—the condition of our skin is an external manifestation of the health of our entire body.

When we’re out of balance, as a result of stress, inflammation, structural misalignment, or nutrient deficiencies, our skin directly reflects those imbalances, giving us important clues about our internal wellbeing.

When we can recognize the messages the skin is sending about our health, we can use those clues to take steps to return the entire body to a state of balance.


Using the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I assess your overall health through the lens of your skin. 

Then, using an inside-out and outside-in approach, we work to restore balance to your entire body. Each treatment is tailored to your unique needs, and may include the use of acupuncture, facial or body gua sha and cupping, lymph drainage, craniosacral therapy, energy work such as reiki and qi gong, topical or internal herbs, and functional medicine supplements.

In addition to the improvements seen in the health of their skin, most of my clients also report experiencing better sleep, reduced anxiety, improved digestion, fewer hormonal symptoms, increased energy, and an overall sense of greater wellbeing, mental clarity, and emotional equanimity.